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Turbulent Entrainment

How the simultaneous application of PIV and PLIF measurement techniques sheds light on turbulent entrainment, a process that has implications for oil spills, wind farms and more. 继续阅读

Turbulent Entrainment

TMX Ballistics Imaging

CineSpeed, a production company specializing in high-speed videography for scientific and cinematic applications, has been making a name for itself with its unique, highly detailed and often colorful videos of explosions. Another area that is keeping the company busy is ballistic 继续阅读

TMX Ballistics

Geomechanics High-Speed Imaging

Researchers and their industry partners can use high-speed imaging to more accurately predict instability in certain construction materials, allowing them to improve the materials to better resist cracking. 继续阅读

Geomechanics Research