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Introduction to High-Speed Optical Pyrometry

Phantom Academy Pyrometry

Introduction to High-Speed Optical Pyrometry

Course ID: PAC1012
Pre-Req: PCC001 / PCC002

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Optical Pyrometry (OP) is a method used to generate thermal maps from color digital images captured of an object in thermal equilibrium at a temperature, T. From a technological standpoint, the appeal of this technique (over direct thermal imagers) is the throughput achievable, which is directly equal to the throughput of commercial HS color CMOS sensors (typically on the order of ~1 - 76 Gpix/s, for example 1 MPx images captured at 76 kfps). In this webinar, we introduce users to this technique in the context of high-speed imaging, together with the theoretical foundations of OP. We also discuss some recent academic case studies, the advantages and limitations of OP, and then go through MATLAB and Python coding examples that can be used to process the high-speed image data to generate thermal maps.  

Abbreviated Syllabus: 
  • Introduction to High-Speed Imaging
  • Introduction to Optical Pyrometry
  • The Planck Radiation Equation
  • From RGB Pattern to Thermal Map
  • Calibration of the Image Sensor
  • Academic Case Studies
  • MATLAB and Python Coding Examples
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