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PYTHON for Processing & Analyzing High-Speed Imaging

PYTHON for Processing & Analyzing Images

Course ID: PAC1013
Pre-Req: PCC0001

Next Course Offering: August 15

PYTHON is a high-level programming language that is widely utilized by scientists and engineers world-wide to develop code for a wide variety of different imaging projects. In the context of this course, the relevant subjects include computer vision and image processing and analysis. This introductory course will familiarize users on how to take images and/or video from a high-speed camera and import, handle, and process them using Python. Then, we will discuss how to extract pixel values, perform analyses on image data, and go through the various libraries/toolboxes that are available.

  • Intro to Python & Anaconda (Installation)
  • Using PIP to Install Key Packages
  • Capturing High-Speed Video Data
  • Reading Image / Video Files into Python
  • Reading / Manipulating Pixel Values
  • Creating Your Own Image Viewer and Analyzer
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